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At #SSChat, part of our goal is to be member driven in our weekly Twitter discussions. We encourage educators and education non-profit organizations to apply to lead an #sschat discussion to bring their expertise to our participants. Having many people active and directing the conversation strengthens and defines our group. Would you like to apply to host an #sschat discussion, complete the form below!

In order to support you we have listed a few basic ideas that might help you to organize the chat and keep the focus on the chosen topic.  Please ask any questions. We are happy to help you 🙂

Best of luck with your chat.  Thanks for your contribution!

                                         -The #sschat team

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How it works?

#SSChat is a participant driven discussion group for social studies educators. While #SSChat is on a number of social media outlets, the Monday evening Twitter chat, which occurs each Monday at 7pm- 8pm EST (with the exception of the last Monday of the month when we have a combined chat, #engsschat, with our ELA colleagues), is our organizational flagship.

#SSChat partners with guest hosts to lead the conversation. These discussions can be centered around a style or movement in education or it can be centered around a historical topic or type of historical event. We are looking for topics are interesting and will engage a large audience.

Please click here for more information on how to host a chat.

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