Since its creation in 2010, #sschat has archived most of its weekly chats (beginning in 2011). Here is the long list of archived discussions.


3/20/2023 Women’s History with @historyed and @womenshistory 

3/13/2023 Teaching Leadership Through the Social Studies with @SSChatNetwork 

3/6/2023 Civic Learning Week with @SSChatNetwork

2/20/2023 Night at the Museums:  Presidential Libraries Edition with @SSChatNetwork 

2/13/2023 Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Primary Source Questions with @RightQuestion 

2/6/2023 Reimagining Immigrant Education:  The Past, Present, and Personal with @jessica_lander 

1/23/2023 How Can We Use Inquiry in Civics? with @icivics 

1/16/2023 Rebels, Survivors, and Trailblazers:  Stories that Inspire with @JourneysinFilm 

1/9/2023 Bringing Global Civics to the Classroom with @CFR_Education 

1/2/2023 Let’s Discuss Goals for the New Year with @SSChatNetwork 


12/19/2022 Teaching Arabs and the Middle East:  Beyond 9/11 with @shinram1 

12/12/2022 The Power of Playful Learning Science with @SarahJencks 

12/5/2022 NCSS Round Up with @SSChatNetwork 

11/21/2022 Great Short Books and the Need to Read with @kennethcdavis 

11/14/2022 Maps and Social Justice with @bplmaps 

11/7/2022 Classroom Conversations for Stronger Communities with @madisonteacher & @msnikki_p

10/24/2022 Night at the Museums with @SSChatNetwork & museum partners

10/17/2022 Teaching Historical Thinking with @SHEG_Stanford 

10/10/2022 Unbe-leaf-able History Reads! with @SSChatNetwork 

10/3/2022 Teaching both Content and Skills in the World History Classroom with @OERProject

9/19/2022 The Midterms are Coming . . . Let’s Talk Resources with @RetroReport & @civics101pod 

9/12/2022 Constitution Day Resources! with @ConstitutionCtr 

9/5/2022 Back to School (Zoom chat) 

8/22/2022 Using History of Technology to Address Global Issues with @IEEE_REACH and @MGeselowitz 

8/15/2022 Teaching Medieval History (it’s more than Europe!) with @ElizKeoBurb 

8/8/2022 Field Trips vs. Field Experiences with @SSChatNetwork 

8/1/2022 New Teacher Toolbox with @SSChatNetwork 

June and July were slow chats so there are no formal archives from those.

5/23/2022 Public Schools and the Public Understanding of Religion with @ReligPublicLife 

5/16/2022 #CivicsAdvocacyWeek with @CivXNow

5/9/2022 #Civics4CommUNITY Awareness Week with @CivXNow

5/2/2022 Music of Change:  Inspiring Students Using Summer of Soul and Other Film/Music Resources with @JourneysinFilm 

4/18/2022 Diplomacy, Sanctions, and Peacekeeping — Oh, My! with @icivics and @world101_cfr

4/11/2022 Education vs. Cynicism:  How Real is TOO Real with @civics101pod

4/4/2022 Educating for Informed and Equitable Voting with @Ed4Democracy and @CivicYouth 

3/21/2022 Teaching Immigration:  How, Why, and Where It Fits into Your Curriculum with @davidjohnolson @RetroReport

3/7/2022 EduProtocols and Social Studies with @moler3031 and @scottmpetri 

2/22/2022 Teaching the Crisis in Ukraine with @SSChatNetwork 

2/21/2022 Teaching Social Studies in Challenging Times with @SSChatNetwork

2/14/2022 What We ♥ About Social Studies with @SSChatNetwork 

2/7/2022 Storytelling and Black History Month with @ConstitutionCtr 

1/24/2022 Resources shared during Zoom chat

1/17/2022 Using Media to Supercharge Social Studies with @TaraWalshNinja and @MakeMatic 

1/10/2022 What to Do When You’re Stuck at School with @SSChatNetwork 

1/3/2022 Great Scott! #sschat is Back with @SSChatNetwork 


12/13/2021 Hidden Histories:  Creating an Inclusive Classroom with @SmithsonianEdu 

12/6/2021 Book Club! Social Studies Teaching Texts with @Dr_Sheridan18 

11/22/2021 NCSS Conference “Round Up” with @SSChatNetwork 

11/15/2021 The Difficulty of December:  Teaching Holidays with @ReligionMatter5 

11/8/2021 Civic Action:  Making a Difference Even If You Can’t Vote with @reimaginemigrat

11/1/2021 Zoom chat (no archive)

10/18/2021 Journalism in Action:  Civic Engagement and Primary Sources Through Key Moments in History with @NewsHourExtra and @historytechie 

10/11/2021 Social Emotional Learning in Social Studies with @DemskyHudak

10/4/2021 Station Rotation in the Social Studies Classroom with @DrARD316 

9/20/2021 Checking in on the 2021 School Year with @SSChatNetwork 

9/13/2021 Civics from the Start:  Strategies to Integrate from Day 1 with @icivics

9/6/2021 Teaching World History with @rose_metro

8/23/2021 Teaching 9/11 On and Beyond the 20th Anniversary with @Jeremy_Stoddard

8/16/2021 New Year, New You! with @davidjohnolson 

8/9/2021 What I Learned on Summer Vacation with @SSChatNetwork 

8/2/2021 Instilling Relevance in the Social Studies Classroom with @misskono 

7/19/2021 Strengthening Student Voice:  Ways to Integrate Oratory into the Classroom with @FromLindz 

7/12/2021 Religion Matters in Every Classroom with @ReligionMatter5 

7/5/2021 Melted Popsicles and Burnt Marshmallows with @SSChatNetwork 

6/21/2021 Teach with Magic! with @MrRoughton 

6/14/2021 Lessons Learned from the Pandemic with @TechNCSS

6/7/2021 Teaching LGBTQ+ History:  How Activists Have Secured the Blessings of Liberty with @WendyLRouse and @serenewilliams 

5/24/2021 Using Film in the Social Studies Classroom with @JourneysinFilm 

5/17/2021 History & Civics & Inquiry Access for ALL with @EmergingAmerica 

5/10/2021 Inquiry-Based Lessons for Different Contexts with @SHEG_Stanford

5/3/2021 Teaching News Literacy with @NewsLitProject 

4/27/2021 Genocide Awareness & Education with @facinghistory 

4/19/2021 #sschat Storytellers:  What’s Your Teaching Story? with @SSChatNetwork 

4/12/2021 Navigating History and Civics with the #EADRoadmap with @EADRoadmap 

4/5/2021 Innovative Ideas to Teach Social Studies Skills with @SSChatNetwork

3/22/2021 The Power of Conversations with @dmfouts 

3/15/2021 Pop Culture & Social Studies with @SSChatNetwork 

3/8/2021 The 19th Amendment in Women’s History Month with @ConstitutionCtr 

3/1/2021 Who’s Ready for Summer? Helping Educators Recharge Their Mind & Spirit with @SSChatNetwork 

2/15/2021 Celebrate Black History Month with @SSChatNetwork 

2/8/2021 Navigating the Political Waters of Teaching Social Studies with @kennethcdavis 

2/1/2021 Crowdsourcing for Solutions:  Historians & Teachers Working Together! with @megankatenelson 

1/18/2021 Moving Beyond the Dream with @Owl_b_TorresEdu 

1/11/2021 Transitions of Power with @civics101pod

1/6/2021 Special Discussion for Attack on U.S. Capitol 

1/4/2021 Mapping Out the New Year with @SamMandeville


12/21/2020 2020 Year in Review . . . And What’s Next? with @SSChatNetwork

12/14/2020 Storytelling and Social Studies with @reimaginemigrat

12/7/2020 Tips and Tools to Support Literacy with @DrARDeNoncour

11/23/2020 What is Your Wish for America’s Future? with @historymadebyus and @newamericanhist

11/16/2020 Building a Two-Way Bridge Between Historians and K-12 Teachers with @chriscmartell

11/9/2020 How Can the Journalists of Today Help the Historians of Tomorrow? with @reportinglabs

11/5/2020 Helping Classrooms Process the 2020 Election with @daneels_m

11/2/2020 Supporting & Encouraging Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers with @madisonteacher

10/19/2020 Dictators and the Threat to Democracy with @kennethcdavis

10/12/2020 Are You Asking the Right Questions? Framing Units for Justice and Equity with @dankrutka

10/5/2020 A Cross Curricular Approach to Teaching the 2020 Elections with @daneels_m

9/21/2020 Bring More BIPOC Voices & Perspectives into Your Blended/Online Classroom with @taylorrcasarez

9/14/2020 Teaching the Election Without Losing Your Mind . . . Or Your Job! with @icivics

9/7/2020 Everything You Don’t Know about Election Results (But Really Should) with @derekwillis

8/24/2020 Civics in Contemporary Times:  Helping Students Build Community and Foster Equity with @ADL_Education and @bites_media

8/17/2020 Object-Based Learning Brings History to Life with @BrianSheehy

8/10/2020 Preparing to Teach the Election with @SmithsonianEdu

8/3/2020 Why Does This Matter? Making Social Studies Relevant with @Chucktaft

7/20/2020 Boldly Going:  Teaching Social Studies Through Science Fiction with @ShaneMarkowitz

7/13/2020 Using Games and Gamification to Engage Learners with @MrsWreggs

7/6/2020 Revolutionizing the Revolution:  Teaching America’s Founding with @BusbinsClassAHS 

6/15/2020 Virtual Field Trips & Mystery Video Calls with @CalebPahl

6/8/2020 Engaging Students with Local History with @CaseyJ_edu

6/1/2020 Teaching and Technology During the Pandemic . . . Now What?with @mseideman

5/18/2020 Leveraging Online Games for Remote Learning with @icivics

5/11/2020 Re-imagining Civics in an Age of Migration with @reimaginemigrat

5/4/2020 Historigraphy:  Don’t We Already Know What Happened? with @MapM8ker and @newamericanhist

4/20/2020 Now Hear This:  Using & Producing Podcasts with @civics101pod

4/13/2020 Data for Democracy with @Dontworryteach

4/6/2020 LEVEL UP:  Interactive Civics with @EngagingCongres

3/23/2020 How Did We Become US? — Getting Connected with Museum Resources with @edenatwork and @SmithsonianEDU

3/16/2020 Can You Dig It? Digital Social Studies with @CraigPerrier and @ElizabethfromVA

3/13/2020 Special #Coronacation Edition: What To Do Now?! with @flipping_A_tchr, @MsHolmesTeach @CHitch94

3/9/2020 Because of HerStory with @SmithsonianEdu

3/2/2020 Social Emotional Learning with @kennisdani

2/17/2020 Teaching the 2020 Primaries with @NewsHourExtra @CivicYouth @MediaLiteracyEd

2/10/2020 Connecting Instruction to Student Values with @LaurenPorosoff and @jhweinstein

2/3/2020 Throw Down:  Tech Tools Edition with @TechNCSS

1/20/2020 Edventures:  Travel Opportunities for Teachers with @TOPteachGermany

1/13/2020 An Evening with the #sschat Moderators:  Current Events with @flipping_a_tchr @MsHolmesTeach @dankrutka @CHitch94

1/6/2020 Geo-History with @cheffernan75


12/16/2019 Visual to Verbal:  Using Art to Spark Writing with @MrViscidi

12/9/2019 The Power of Public History with @MapM8ker @newamericanhist

12/2/2019 Whiteness in Social Studies with @HayleyVatch and @ChristieNold

11/18/2019 Imagine the Future:  From History to Action to Change with @SantillanOlivia @devinhess2 @CivicSantaClara

11/11/2019 Studying History v. Doing History with @NHTOYMc

11/4/2019 So You Detected Bias . . . What’s Next? with @EDplorations

10/21/2019 Engaging Student Voices for Social Impact with @PoliticraftGame

10/14/2019 Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport with @kennethcdavis

10/7/2019 Building Global Literacy through Multimedia Tools with @world101_cfr

9/23/2019 Hit the Target! Standards Based Grading in the Social Studies with @Chucktaft

9/16/2019 Listen Up! Active Listening & Civics Engagement with @listenwiselearn

9/9/2019 Constitution Day 2019 with @ConstitutionCtr

9/2/2019 Teaching Remembrance and Significance:  9/11 with @Jeremy_Stoddard

8/19/2019 Nurturing a Culture of Upstanding Citizens with @FacingHistoryLA

8/12/2019 Challenging Single Stories in Social Studies with @DrMunaSaleh

8/5/2019 Back to School Night with @MsHolmesTeach @flipping_A_tchr @CHitch94

7/22/2019 Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions in the Social Studies Classroom with @RightQuestion and @kserge7

7/15/2019 Decolonizing the Curriculum with @klrembert and @ERBeckman

7/8/2019 LGTBQ History with @chrislewis_10

7/1/2019 Culturally Responsive Classroom with @alib_icoach

6/17/2019 Asian American and Pacific Islander Immigration:  Then & Now with @EDSITEment & @IEHS1965

6/10/2019 Don’t Read the Comments! Teaching Youth to do Civics Online with @Ed4Democracy @Dontworryteach @jkahne @EricaHodgin

6/3/2019 Integrating Social Emotional Learning into Social Studies Instruction with @scottmpetri and @casocialstudies

5/20/2019 Exploring Asian American Histories with @naseemrdz

5/13/2019 Taking Informed Action with @mcgaugheyj

5/6/2019 Too Hot to Handle:  Climate Change and the Social Studies with @classroomtools

4/22/2019 Social Learning in the Social Studies with @Mrneilhistory

4/15/2019 Where are the Women of Color in the Social Studies? with @DrKristenDuncan

4/8/2019 Easy Reads, Tough Conversations (with Picture Books) with @owl_b_torresedu

4/1/2019 Re-imagining Migration in the Curriculum with @reimaginemigrat

3/18/2019 Sustaining Effective Cross-Content Connections with @deroomat

3/11/2019 Reflection & Experiential Learning Through the Arts with @rcollins_edu

3/4/2019 Defining the World of Interdisciplinary Civics with @PSNTPS

2/18/2019  Teaching Hard History:  American Slavery with @Tolerance_org

2/11/2019 Incorporating the Arts (Beyond Dioramas) with @CathyHWhitehead

2/4/2019 Mid-Winter Share-a-Palooza with @dankrutka @flipping_A_tchr @MsHolmesTeach @42ThinkDeep @CHitch94

1/21/2019 Where to Find the Best Nonfiction Content with @JJanikis

1/14/2019 Bridging the Gaps in Rural & Urban Districts with @MissKRafferty & @MrOverstreet_

1/7/2019 Listen Up! Podcasting and Other Audio with @creativeedtech


12/17/2018 Place Based Learning for High Level Skills with @EduKateMuseums

12/10/2018 Preparing Students for a Religious World with @Mrjonresendez

12/3/2018 The History of Grading with @EdHistory101 @JennBinis

11/19/2018 Literacy & Inquiry with @historytechie

11/12/2018 How Can Inquiry Transform Your Teaching? with @NevinM_17

11/5/2018 Inquiry as Engagement:  Connecting Across Differences with @daneels_m and @VanCerny

10/22/2018 Scaffolding Challenging Texts with @Historywmoses

10/15/2018 Standards-Based Social Studies with @MrKoz31

10/8/2018 Student and Colleague Collaboration with @MrsDevlinSS & @MrsDeRoner

10/1/2018 Midterms Matter:  Teaching About the Midterm Elections with @vicpasquantonio

9/17/2018 Media Literacy and Elections with @iCivics

9/10/2018 Are You Ready for Constitution Day? with @CivicsRenewal

9/3/2018 Setting Goals for a New School Year with @flipping_A_tchr @MsHolmesTeach @42ThinkDeep @dankrutka @CHitch94

8/20/2018 Putting Students in Charge of Your Class Website with @CalebPahl

8/13/2018 Bringing Literature into the Social Studies Classroom with @CathyHWhitehead

8/6/2018 Revitalizing Survey Classes for U.S. and World History with @johndaytully and @bradinsalem

7/23/2018 Keeping Current: A Discussion of This Summer’s News with @flipping_A_tchr @42ThinkDeep @MsHolmesTeach @dankrutka @CHitch94

7/16/2018 Why Do We Do What We Do in School?” with @JennBinis @EdHistory101

7/9/2018 Field Trip Fun! with @ChattanoogaChat

7/2/2018 Democracy at Play:  Engaging Families with Civics with @icivics

6/18/2018 Reflecting on Reflection as a Tool for Learning with @tcockrum

6/11/2018 The 1918 Flu Pandemic with @kennethcdavis

6/4/2018 The Intersection of Math and Social Studies with @highleyjane

5/21/2018 #worldgeochat Crossover Event with @SamMandeville @cheffernan75 @ecasey77

5/14/2018 Share-a-Palooza with the #sschat Moderators (@flipping_A_tchr @MsHolmesTeach @dankrutka @CHitch94 @42ThinkDeep)

5/7/2018 Understanding Narratives Across History with @JJanikis

4/23/2018 Exploring a Digital World of Primary Sources with @DPLA & @Mr_ARobertson

4/16/2018 Connect Your Students to the World with Videoconferencing with @PeterPaccone

4/9/2018 Creating Podcasts With Your Students with @listenwiselearn

4/2/2018 Teaching Teachers and Students to Ask BIG Questions with @dmfouts

3/20/2018 Teaching the Vietnam War with @BusbinsClassAHS)

3/13/2018 Today’s Student Protests: A First Amendment Teachable Moment with @NewseumED

3/12/2018 Finding Engaging & Accessible Primary Sources with @HistoryEdMNHS

3/5/2018 Innovation & Creativity to Improve Student Motivation with @NHTOYmc

2/19/2018 Tech Support Tools for Primary Source Documents with @icivics

2/12/2018 The Intersection of Social Studies & Critical Media Literacy with @TechNCSS

2/5/2018 Game-Based Learning with @MatthewFarber

1/22/2018 Embedding Writing in the Social Studies Classroom with @kris_vanduyne

1/15/2018 Fostering Civic Engagement with @NHTOYMc and @DrJHarmon

1/11/2018 Activating & Supporting Student Voice in the Classroom with @CivicYouth @thelamp @Ed4Democracy @jkahne

1/8/2018 Maximize Learning with the Winter Olympics with @FANgeopolitics

1/1/2018 (Teaching) The First Amendment with @MrJakeMiller


12/18/2017 Share-a-palooza! with the #sschat moderators

12/11/2017 EdTech Tools for Student Collaboration with @davidjohnolson

12/4/2017 Teaching History Thematically with @rose_metro & @dlaufenberg

11/20/2017 Digital Citizenship with @dankrutka & @jeffpcarpenter

11/18/2017 #sschat Unconference at the NCSS Annual Conference by the #sschat team

11/13/2017 Pedagogical Content Knowledge in History Education with @DrEllsworthOPS

11/6/2017 Youth, Media, & Elections with @CivicYouth @participate @thelamp

10/23/2017 Using Current Events with @juliejgiese

10/16/2017 Project-Based Social Studies with @ShawnMcCusker

10/9/2017 Student Generated Questions with @RebeccaMarsick

10/02/2017 Supporting ELLs with Digital Resources with @iCivics

9/18/2017 Sharing Stories of Resistance with @FacingHistory & @jpeftweets

9/11/2017 Celebrating Constitution Day with @JMSilverbrook

9/4/2017 Can You Say That?!? Teaching First Amendment Freedoms with @NewseumED

08-21-17 Strategies for Facilitating Critical Conversations with @Tolerance_org

08-14-17 Talking Tactics for Teaching WWII and the Holocaust with @dk_ushmm

08-07-17 Kicking off the School Year! with @CHitch42, @MsHolmesTeach, @Flipping_A_tchr, @42thinkdeep, & @dankrutka

07-24-2017 Religion in Public Schools with @bpmarcus

07-17-2017 Strategies to Reach Struggling Students in the Social Studies Classroom with @kris_vanduyne

07-10-2017 How is the Declaration Relevant Today? with @DrPleau1

07-03-2017 Teaching Independence… from what? for whom? with @CHitch42, @MsHolmesTeach, @Flipping_A_tchr, @42thinkdeep, & @dankrutka

06-19-2017 Bringing Geography into ALL Social Studies Classes with @ecasey77

06-12-2017 Standards Based Grading with @mrs_ldavis

06-05-2017 Democracy and Us with @facinghistory

05-22-2017 Bringing Breaking News! into the Classroom with @CHitch94 and #sschat team

05-15-2017 Teaching the Constitution with @DrGlinski and @LisaMonthie

05-08-2017 Ending the Year with a Bang! with @STLinOK

05-01-2017 Great Expectations in Writing with @highleyjane

04-17-2017 Teaching the American Revolution with @historyisfunorg

04-10-2017 Strategies for Using Images to Teach History with @FacingHistory

04-03-2017 Teaching about Genocide with Testimony with @USCIWitness

03-20-2017 Breaking Out of the Traditional Classroom with @Chucktaft

03-13-2017 Music and Social Studies Education with @GetSoundsAround and @caranowou

03-06-2017 Teaching Current Events:  Challenges, Successes, Strategies with @flipping_A_tchr

02-20-2017 Teaching the First 100 Days with @iCivics

02-13-2017 Data and Social Studies Instruction with @VanduyneKris

02-06-2017 Media Literacy in the Social Studies with @reneehobbs

1-23-2017 The Role of Protest in Effecting Change with @ushistorysage

1-19-2017 Presidential Inaugurations with @JustinChristen

1-16-2017 A Complex King: Civil Rights then and now with @DrLaGarrettKing

1-9-2017 Implementing Audio in the Classroom with @listenwiselearn

1-2-2017 Recharging for the Second Semester with @DrPleau1


12-19-2016 Teaching with Testimony: Enhancing Empathy & Critical Thinking with @USCIWitness

12-12-2016 Teaching Slavery with Primary and Secondary Sources with @GWBooks

12-05-2016 Media Literacy and Teaching Social Studies in the Digital Age with @TIME_Edge

12-03-2016 NCSS Unconference (#NCSSUnCon) tweets with Dan Krutka, Michael Milton, & Chris Hitchcock

11-21-2016 Slavery and the White House with @kennethcdavis

11-14-2016 Election 2016: Looking back and forward with @dankrutka

11-07-2016 Elementary Social Studies with @HistoryEdMNHS

11-02-2016 Nurturing Empathy & Civic Engagement in Students with @FacingHistory & @usedgov with @JohnKingatED

10-24-2016 Digging Deeper During the Election:  Capitalizing on Teachable Moments with @iCivics

10-16-16 Document Evaluation & Claim Testing (Big History Project) with @allisonlipp

10-10-16 Teaching Old Content New Tricks: Finding Ways to Engage Students with Existing Content with @FANGeopolitics

10-04-16 #Civility2016: Creating a More Civil Classroom this Election Season with @FacingHistory & @Tolerance_org

10-03-16 Local History with @HistoryEdMNHS

09-19-16 Teaching with Primary Source Documents with @DrPleau1

09-12-16 Listening & Speaking Skills in Social Studies with @scottmpetri

09-05-16 Creating & Maintaining a Safe & Productive Classroom Environment with @CHitch94

08-22-16 Election 2016 with Vicky Pasquantonio (education editor at PBS NewsHour) and the folks from Newseum.

08-15-16 Teaching with Comics and Art with @historycomics

08-08-16 Teaching News Literacy in the Digital Age with @FacingHistory and @TheNewsLP

08-01-16 Honoring Indigenous Histories with @SBShear

07-18-16 Big Games, Little Games, & Playful Assessment with @JediKermit

07-11-16 Beyond Testing:  Alternative Assessments with U.S. Department of Education Secretary @JohnKingatEd

07-04-16 Teaching Independence Movements slow chat

06-20-16 Fun and Engaging Classroom Activities for Social Studies with @HstryOrg

06-13-16 Taking Informed Action with @Mr_ARobertson

06-06-16 Strategies for Teaching about Wars with @MrPotter

05-23-16 Movement in the 6-12 Social Studies Classroom with @Dr_Pleau

05-16-16 Professional Development with @TxSocialStudies

05-09-16 Museum Resources with @HistoryEdMNHS

05-02-16 Liberate! Analyze Primary Sources & Holocaust Remembrance Day with @EchoesReflect

04-18-16 Campaign 2016: Media Literacy with @Jeremy_Stoddard

04-11-16 Using Film Effectively in Your Classroom with @BYkids

04-4-16 Call of Civic Duty: Participatory Citizenship with @MsWhiteSocStud

03-21-16 The Third Rail:  Using Case Studies to Teach Controversial Issues with @NewseumED

03-14-16 Teaching the History of World War II in the Asia-Pacific Arena with @FacingHistory and @HSTRYorg

03-07-16 Historiography, the Common Core and your Classroom with @UCLAHGP

02-22-16 Women’s History and Gender Studies with @serenewilliams

02-15-16 Meeting the Needs of Gifted Adolescents through the Social Studies with @TeresaBergstrom

02-08-16 Bringing Elections to the Classroom with @iCivics

02-01-16 Global Perspectives in Social Studies  with @caranowou

01-18-16 Teaching Beyond the Dream

01-11-16 Little Known Histories  hosted by @DrLWalczak

01-4-16 Re-Imagine what a National Conference Could Be!


12-21-15 Simulations in the Social Studies Classroom hosted by @TxSocialStudies

12-`14-15 Motivational Strategies 

12-7-15 Project Based Learning

11-23-15 Integrating Philosophy in Social Studies hosted by @mdoran2067

11-16-15 Diversity in the Social Studies Classroom

11-9-15 C3 Resources

11-2-15 NCSS Technology Preview

10-19-15 Why Voting for Your Mayor is More Important than President

10-12-15 Changing View of Heroes hosted by @kennethcdavis

10-05-15 Smartphones in the Classroom

9-21-15 Controversial Issues 

9-14-15 Constitution Day 2015

09-07-15 Teaching 9/11 in a Broader Context

8-24-15 Presidential History

8-17-15 The Best Books for Teaching Social Studies

8-10-15 Advocating for Social Studies 

8-3-15 Back to School 

7-20-15 Smooshing it All Together with Writing

07-13-15 Using Automated Essay Scoring Tools to Increase Writing

7-6-15 PBL

6-22-15 Role Playing in the Social Studies Classroom

6-15-15 Digital Collections

6-08-15 Assessment Beyond the Test

6-01-15 Geography:  More than Maps

5-18-15 Technology for Inquiry & Engagement 

5-11-15 The Power of Student Questioning 

5-4-15 Youth Participatory Action Research 

4-20-15 Collaborative Writing

4-13-15 Game-Based Social Studies 

4-6-15 Engaging Social Studies 

3-23-15 Teaching Civics 

3-16-15 Engagement in the Social Studies Classroom

3-9-15 Media Literacy 

3-2-15 Primary Sources 

2-23-15 Social Studies Conferences, PLC’s and PLN’s 

2-16-15 Presidential Crisis and Legacy 

2-9-15 Global Citizenship & Human Rights

2-2-15 Teacher Top 10’s

1-19-15 Understanding MLK

1-12-15 Border Issues

1-5-15 The Art of Teaching Social Studies


12-22-14 Project Based Learning

12-15-14 Rigor & Critical Thinking in Social Studies

12-8-14 Performance Assessment

12-1-14 CSPAN Classroom Resources #sschat 

11-17-14 A Night at the Museum w/ @NewseumEd

11-10-14 Taking Citizenship to the Next Level with iCivics!

11-3-14 Teaching Politics, Controversy, & Civic Engagement 

10-20-14 Historiography: Even history has a history

10-6-14 Teaching History with Film

9-22-14 Teaching History with Primary Sources 

9-15-14 Teaching the Constitution 

9-8-14 Teaching Current Events 

9-1-14 Teaching the Civil Rights Movement 

8-25-14 How do you plan? With special guest Grant Wiggins 

8-20-14 Teaching Ferguson: Current Events in the Social Studies Classroom 

8-18-14 Lesson Restoration: Let’s fix it up!

8-11-14 Creating a Culture of Inquiry from Day One

8-4-14 Microhistory as a Lens

7-28-14 Using Fiction and Nonfiction in the Social Studies Classroom

7-21-14 Using Social Studies to Close the Achievement Gap & Engage Students

7-14-14 Historical Thinking and Struggling Readers 

7-7-14 Assessment in Social Studies 

6-23-14 Leadership & Legacy: Exploring National History Day 2015

6-16-14 Teaching about Conflict

6-9-14 Developing Written Argumentation Skills Using PBL

6-2-14 Connecting Globally with Social Media

5-19-14 The Future of Social Studies: The Educator’s POV

5-12-14 Project Based Learning

5-5-14 Museum Professional Development

4-21-14 Legacy

4-14-14 Close Reading

4-6-14 What if’s of History 

3-24-14 Making History Come Alive

3-17-14 Research Skills

3-10-14 Debates and Discussions

3-3-14 Infusing Literature in Social Studies

2-17-14 Social Studies as an Agent of Change

2-10-14 Teaching Academic Skills in the Social Studies Classroom

2-3-14 I Commented, Now What

1-20-14 State of the Union Class Activities

1-13-14 A Night at the Museum

1-6-14 EDSITEment Created Equal 


12-30-13 Advice for Pre-Service Teachers #engsschat #ntchat

12-23-13 Environmental History

12-16-13 Social Media in the Classroom

12-9-13 Differentiation in the Social Studies Classroom

12-2-13 Shall We Play a Game?

11-25-13 Disciplinary Literacy / Inquiry Process #engsschat

11-18-13 Text Dependent Questions and Evidence Based Claims

11-07-13 #YouMightBeAnAntifederalist 

10-21-13 Film and Media in the Classroom

10-14-13 Imperialism and Explorers

10-7-13 Elementary Social Studies

9-23-13 Compassion in Social Studies 

9-16-13 Teaching Like Sherlock Holmes

9-09-13 Social Studies Conferences

9-2-13 Helping Students Understand Syria

8-26-13 Teaching English Language Learners

8-18-13 Library of Congress Resources

8-11-13 First Week of School

7-29-13 Google’s 20% in the Classroom 

7-22-13 The Beatles and U.S. History

7-15-13 Electives in the Classroom

7-8-13 Hook ‘Em 

7-1-13 Flipping

6-24-13 Social Studies Can be Spectacular

6-17-13 Best Lesson

6-10-13 Teaching, learning, & forgetting

6-3-13  Promoting a Culture of Cross Discipline Learning Experiences with #satchat

5-20-13 Dealing with Tragedy 

5-13-13 Reading in the Content Areas with Kenneth Davis 

5-6- 13 Test Prep and Assessment

4-29-13 Taking Learning Outside the Classroom

4-22-13 Teaching Taxes

4-8-13 Body Language

4-1-13 EdCafe’s

3-25-13 Women’s Rights in the US

3-18-13 Evernote and Livebinder

3-11-13 Critical Thinking and Primary Documents 

3-4-13 Combatting Student Apathy

2-25-13 Evolving Role of Women #engsschat

2-11-13 Best Lessons

2-4-13 Controversial Topics

1-21-13 World War I

1-14-13 1960’s – 1990’s

1-7-13 Thinking Like a Historian


12-17-12 Life Changing Lessons

12-10-12 Standards Based Grading

12-3-12 Economics

11-26-12 Engsschat Argument Essay

11-19-12 Middle East

11-12-12 Discerning Truth in SS

11-5-12 Covering Live Events

10-22-12 Critical Thinking

10-15-12 Election 2.0

10-8-12 Media & Movies

10-1-12 Hands-on Learning

9-24-12 EngSSChat CCSS & PBL

9-17-12 CCSS in Social Studies

9-10-12 Teaching Elections

9-3-12 Teaching 9/11

8-27-12 Am. Rev. & Anc. Civ

8-20-12 Mentoring & Collaboration

8-13-12 Infographics in the Classroom

8-6-12 Students as Historians

7-30-12 Making HW Meaningful

7-23-12 Flipped Classroom

7-16-12 Starting the School Year

7-9-12 2nd Anniversary Chat

7-2-12 Current Events in SS

6-25-12 Best Tech Tools for SS

6-18-12 Socratic Seminars

6-11-12 Indus. Amer. Crowdsource

6-04-12 Ancient Civ. Crowdsource

5-28-12 Engsschat CC Lit & Cr Curr.

5-21-12 Podcasting and Apps

5-14-12 Year End Reflections

5-07-12 Devices in the Classroom

4-30-12 Edcafes

4-23-12 Eportfolios

4-16-12 UbD Understanding by Design

4-09-12 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s Crowdsource

4-02-12 Teaching the World

3-19-12 Psych/Soc Crowdsource

3-12-12 PBL

3-05-12 Spreading Twitter PLN

2-27-12 Simulations

2-20-12 EngSSChat CommonCore

2-13-12 Bell Ringers & Closers

2-6-12 Joe Bower DeGrading

1-30-12 Creating a Textless Curric

1-23-12 Engaging the hard to Engage

1-16-12 Note Taking Alternatives

1-9-12 Current Events in SS

1-2-12 – Using Maps & Images


12-19-11 WWI/Gr8 Dep Crd Srce

12-12-11 EngSSChat ArguEssay

12-05-11 EDSITEment & Pri. Sources

11-28-11 Ss Relevancy in History

11-21-11 Back to Basics

11-14-11 Infusing Pol Issues in SS

11-07-11 Tech & Cross-Curr Projects

10-24-11 World Religions/Renaissance

10-17-11 PK-8 Best Practices

10-10-11 Rigor & Differentiated Curriculum

10-03-11 Economics & Government

09-26-11 Making Connections

09-22-11 TIChat & SSChat Technology Integration

09-19-11 Critical Thinking

09-12-11 9/11 & The Constitution

09-05-11 Engs & schat CC

08-29-11 Homework Practice

08-22-11 Historical Thinking

08-15-11 Low-tech Tools & Strategies

08-08-11  Special Guest Thomas Riddle II

08-01-11 Anniversary Smackdown

07-25-11 Community Building

07-18-11 SS Electives Chat

06-27-11 Middle School Crowd Source

06-20-11 Group Work in the SS Classroom

06-13-11 Integrating Other Subjects into SS

06-06-11 Historical Skills

08-31-11 1st History Chat: Technology in the Classroom

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